Hi, there!

Welcome to my site where you can find some of the games I made. Making games is my creative outlet. I try to do both the coding and the art. I use different engines like Unity, GM: Studio and Construct 2.

Most of the games I made are playable on Steam, Newgrounds, Gamejolt, Kongregate, Itch.io.

See gameplay videos of the games on my Youtube channel.

Occasionally, I also make the in-game music. You can listen to the soundtracks at Soundcloud.

If you’d like to collaborate or ask me a question, contact via Email, Twitter or Instagram.

This page only shows a couple of games, more games are listed here.

I released a free game on steam:

Latest Games:

enchanted path

Enchanted Path

Challenging isometric puzzler. (more…)

Super Grower 1

Super Grower

Be agile and grow big to overcome this game (more…)

Coffee Warz 49

Office Warz

Roguelike dungeon crawler in an office. (more…)

Dungeon Grove

Dungeon Grove

Roguelike, top down shooter with randomly generated dungeons (more…)



This game is about finding the best path with a hookshot (more…)

laser bricks 16

Laser Bricks

Shoot bricks, stay alive and complete stages (more…)

Games made between 2016 – 2017:

neon proxima

Neon Proxima

Top Down Arcade Shooter with Neon aesthetics and rainbow lasers. (more…)

green gunner 82

Green Gunner

Green Gunner is a 2D side scroller with a lot of platforming and shooting but also some light puzzle elements. (more…)

ancient orb 3

Ancient Orb

You are in a Ancient Temple. Collect orbs to fuel the ancient apparatuses. (more…)