Hi, there!

Welcome to my site where you can find some of the games I made. Making games is my creative outlet. I use different engines like Unity, GM: Studio and Construct 2.

Most of the games I made are playable on newgrounds, gamejolt, kongregate, itch.io.

See gameplay videos of the games on my youtube channel.

For comments and questions. My email: mrnannings(at)gmail.com or Twitter: @NanningsGames.

I released a free game on steam:

Latest Games:

Future Soldier TV

Get ready for the real game as you blast cyborgs, tanks and spiders. (more…)

Underground Digger

Drill your way through the earth! (more…)

Mutant Snake

Make your way through the underground and enlarge your tail. Don’t hit the ceiling or spiky plants. (more…)

Battery Box

Pickup batteries and accumulate power. (more…)

Rolling Sphere Future

Rolling Sphere Future is a 3D game where you need to be fast and agile. (more…)

Neon Proxima

Top Down Arcade Shooter with Neon aesthetics and rainbow lasers. (more…)

Games made in 2016:


Below you see a small selection of older games that I developed