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Super Grower 1

Super Grower

Be agile and grow big to overcome this game (more…)

Coffee Warz 49

Office Warz

Roguelike dungeon crawler in an office. (more…)

Dungeon Grove

Dungeon Grove

Roguelike, top down shooter with randomly generated dungeons (more…)



This game is about finding the best path with a hookshot (more…)

laser bricks 16

Laser Bricks

Shoot bricks, stay alive and complete stages (more…)

touchy cube 11

Touchy Cube

Tap the cube, make it flip and jump (more…)

bad connection 2

Bad Connection?

You stabilize a satellite using different species, each having a hard time pressing some buttons. (more…)

squarely jump 34

Squarely Jump

See the square, be the square (more…)

games made in 2017

Games made in 2017

A short video of the games I made in 2017 (more…)

simple square 13

Simple Square

Don’t let the simple art fool you, this game is quite challenging!

flock leader

Flock Leader

Lead a flock of blobs! (more…)

future soldier tv 5

Future Soldier TV

Get ready for the real game as you blast cyborgs, tanks and spiders. (more…)

underground digger 18

Underground Digger

Drill your way through the earth! (more…)

mutant snake 7

Mutant Snake

Make your way through the underground and enlarge your tail. Don’t hit the ceiling or spiky plants. (more…)

battery box 6

Battery Box

Pickup batteries and accumulate power. (more…)

rolling sphere future 23

Rolling Sphere Future

Rolling Sphere Future is a 3D game where you need to be fast and agile. (more…)

neon proxima

Neon Proxima

Top Down Arcade Shooter with Neon aesthetics and rainbow lasers. (more…)

green gunner 82

Green Gunner

Green Gunner is a 2D side scroller with a lot of platforming and shooting but also some light puzzle elements. (more…)

super waveformer 3

Super WaveFormer

Platformer with unique experimental wave-flip-gravity mechanics. (more…)

swordvania 13


SwordVania is a small platformer with metroidvania like elements. (more…)

games made in 2016

Games I made in 2016

A lot of games! (more…)

super jump dude 9

Super Jump Dude

Test your reflexes in this game! (more…)

robot story

Robot Story

Small score game made for a game jam. The game has random generated levels. (more…)

balloon story 4

Balloon Story

Inflate the balloon but don’t blow it up (more…)

gun park 3

Gun Park

Gun Park is a 2D platformer-shooter made with Stencyl for the Stencyl Jam 16. (more…)

color shapes

Color Shapes

Control two cubes at the same time through 20+ colorful levels. (more…)

ancient orb 3

Ancient Orb

You are in a Ancient Temple. Collect orbs to fuel the ancient apparatuses. (more…)

the cave explorer 9

The Cave Explorer

Try this one-button game. (more…)

travel through level

10 Seconds — Travel Through Level

Run and jump through the level going for the trigger that keeps changing the level. (more…)

box sucker

Box Sucker

Use your magnet to attract boxes in your direction. Lead the boxes in to the basket, when basket is full you complete the level. (more…)

morph ranger

Morph Ranger

You are a newly born morph ranger. Get DNA samples to upgrade yourself and your movability. (more…)

super blue boy planet

Super Blue Boy Planet

SBBP is an 2d platformer with pixel graphics. Blue boy’s girlfriend is kidnapped by aliens so he goes through 21 levels to save her and he also fight bosses along the way. (more…)

endless diver

Endless Diver

Dive endless through an underwater cave. Collect air bubbles and avoid sea creatures. (more…)

recoil zombie 4

Recoil Zombie

A 2 button shooter. You shoot and jump at the same time. Shoot zombies but don’t let them touch you! (more…)

Decepticon Hero

This is a sidescrolling shooter made for the construct deception jam. (more…)

pixelnaut 8


A short 2D action sidescroller/platformer with mario like levels and boss battles. (more…)

world defender minild 40

World Defender – MiniLD 40

Defend our world from alien invasion (more…)