Games made in 2017

A short video of the games I made in 2017

This year I made most of the games with the Unity engine. Two games with GM: Studio, one game with Construct 2 and 8 games with Unity3D. This year I also made more of the music myself, something I will continue to do. I made one game less then last year but I think the overall quality is higher this year.

The links to the games are in the same order as the video.

  1. Green Gunner
  2. Neon Proxima –
  3. Battery Box –
  4. Future Soldier TV –
  5. Simple Square –
  6. Underground Digger –
  7. SwordVania –
  8. Rolling Sphere Future –
  9. Super WaveFormer –
  10. Flock Leader –
  11. Mutant Snake –
  12. Squarely Jump –

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