Super Blue Boy Planet

SBBP is an 2d platformer with pixel graphics. Blue boy’s girlfriend is kidnapped by aliens so he goes through 21 levels to save her and he also fight bosses along the way.


You have navigate the levels avoiding obstacles and creepy crawlies. You can jump gaps and also jump on monsters, both destroying them and getting you further in the same move.

Jumping also lets you activate bridges and other objects, something you need to do in order to progress.

  • Gamepad supported and recommended
  • Different enemies
  • Level Bosses
  • Puzzle elements
  • Easy to play

Gameplay video:



Super Blue Boy Planet

Arrows to move and jump
Hold up (jump) in the air to glide.
Gamepad (x360) supported
M to mute/unmute both sound and music.
ESC to return to level select screen.

Play the game at: GameJoltNewgroundsKongregate