ancient orb 3

Ancient Orb

You are in an Ancient Temple. Collect orbs to fuel the ancient apparatuses.


Ancient Orb is a short platformer game and made in a short timeframe too. It’s about collecting orbs while navigating through a temple and finding the exit. The player can only move and jump but can activate nearby platformers by using the collected orbs.

This game was created for the Ludum Dare 36.

  • Short but satisfying
  • Pixel Art
  • Lightning system
  • Gamepad supported

Play in browser:

Ludumdare page:

Download for windows: or  Game Jolt


At the time of making this game Unity did not have a tilemap editor for laying out the levels. After browsing the web I found an interesting tutorial. The solution I then came up with was a script that translates a png (containing a grid of colored blocks) to a level. I don’t recommend this way for doing a commercial project (layering objects on top of each other will be hard this way) but it was a useful learning experience.