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Box Factory

A puzzle game like sokoban but in 3D and teleports


Box Factory is an isometric puzzle game where the player needs to push boxes on the right tiles to complete the levels. To move a box to the right place involves logical thinking. This game is of course inspired by Sokoban but with a couple of new game mechanics. The player can use stairs to reach higher places and push boxes down to a lower tile even stack the boxes on top of each other. Other levels include teleports that transports a box to a different place.

If you make a mistake you can undo your steps by clicking the undo button. There is also a button that rotates the camera if you need to navigate from a different angle because the game is 3D. Use WASD or the arrow keys or the left stick on the gamepad or use onscreen buttons to move around the map.

Box Factory is playable for free on the following websites:

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