Cube Mission

Cube Mission

Cube mission is a fun isometric action platforming puzzler.


Move the cube and find the best path to your destination. Solve tricky puzzles and escape malicious traps. The difficulty is between challenging and easy. The gameplay varies between action platforming and puzzle solving. Touch other cubes so they follow you and direct them to triggers. Floating platforms will fly away if you don’t pay attention when you are stepping off them. Move crates in front of lasers so you can pass. Use cranes and elevators to transport yourself through the level. But all these things are only possible if you avoid spikes, flamethrowers and enemy cubes that get in your way. The gameplay and controls make it simple to pick up, easy to play and the different mechanics keep you engaged throughout the game.


This is another isometric game I made like Enchanted Path. Both games are made around the same time and therefore share similarities although Cube Mission is a lot bigger. The game is made entirely by me in Unity C# and I used the plugin Pro Builder to make all the objects. I only used pre-made assets for a couple of particle effects but these were edited to fit the game. This game has the longest soundtrack of the games I made. The OST contains 10 songs that vary between ambient strings and relaxing tunes that fit the gameplay.


The game is playable for free on the following websites: