Enchanted Path

Enchanted Path

Challenging isometric puzzler.


In this game, you need to collect green crystals to open the portal that brings you to the next level. Find the right path and don’t fall into the abyss. The game has 30 levels. Later levels will be more challenging and more different tiles will be introduced. The player moves on a grid of tiles. Some of these tiles will be disappearing when you are stepping off it and others will teleport you to another place. One tile acts as a cage with another that will free you from entrapment. There is even a tile that creates more tiles!


With this game, I dived for the second time for real in 3D design. I used primitive objects in a creative way to create all the tiles where the player can stand on. I used assets from royalty free sources too but all of them were heavily edited. The colors are made with a shader that makes the low poly art stand out. I wanted to keep everything simple and I used Monument Valley as a reference. The ambient music is slow, dark and a bit mysterious, different from my normally upbeat game music.

The steam version has achievements, cloud save and more refined gamepad support. If you don’t want to spend any money you can play the game here:


The game is playable for free on the following websites: