games made in 2016

Games I made in 2016

A lot of games!


In 2016 I had a goal to make one game a month and at the end of the year I got 13 playable games, so I can say I succeeded. Most of the games were made in Game Maker Studio and Construct 2 but I’m going to make this year more games in Unity.

All the links to the games in the order that it was shown in the video.

  1. Super Jump Dude:
  2. Ancient Orb:
  3. Super Blue Boy Planet:
  4. Morph Ranger:
  5. Color Shapes:
  6. Balloon Story:
  7. Recoil Zombie:
  8. 10 Seconds:
  9. Robot Story:
  10. Box Sucker:
  11. Endless Diver:
  12. Gun Park:
  13. The Cave Explorer:

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