Hexa Path

Put your logical thinking skills to the ultimate test!


Hexa Path is the perfect puzzle game to exercise your brain and train your logical thinking abilities. Solve challenging yet rewarding puzzles while listening to the atmospheric soundtrack.

Move the blue ship over the hexagonal grid with the mouse. Capture all hexagon tiles to complete the level. A hexagon is captured if it is filled with the same color as your ship, blue. If a tile has a number it means you need to go over it multiple times. If a tile has a letter, for example, “B” you need to capture tile with the “A” first. Green hexxes transports you to another teleport on the board. To make it even more challenging there are enemy ships which are trying to block your movement. Step on an enemy to neutralize their captured tiles. If you are surrounded by captured tiles than your stuck and you better restart the level to retry again.


This is my third isometric puzzle game but with the difference that the grid is not squares but hexagonal tiles. Using 3D within Unity3D and setting the camera to orthographic making the style look isometric. In fruity loops I compose the songs with a lot of strings, bells and soft synths sounds to make it feel relaxing while playing the game.


The game is playable for free on the following websites: