Game Developer

Welcome to my site where you can find some of the games I made. Making games is my creative outlet. I try to do both the coding and art. I use different engines like Unity, GM: Studio and Construct 2.

Most of the games I made are playable on Steam, Newgrounds, Gamejolt, Kongregate,,

See gameplay videos of the games on my Youtube channel.

Occasionally, I also make in-game music. You can listen to the soundtracks at Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

If you’d like to collaborate or ask me a question, contact via Email or Twitter.

This page only shows a couple of games, more games are listed here.

capsule main 1

Marble Trap

Race to the end of the level by avoiding traps and don’t fall into the sea. ...

Hexa Path

Put your logical thinking skills to the ultimate test! ...
tricky cat capsule main 1

Tricky Cat

Help this cute cat jumping on tiles but don’t fall down! ...
Cube Mission

Cube Mission

Cube mission is a fun isometric action platforming puzzler. ...
Enchanted Path

Enchanted Path

Challenging isometric puzzler. ...

Super Blue Boy Planet

SBBP is a 2d platformer with pixel graphics. ...