neon proxima

Neon Proxima

Top-Down Arcade Shooter with Neon aesthetics and rainbow lasers.


Neon Proxima is a top-down arena shooter/shoot em up. The game has, as the name suggests, neon aesthetics and the player ship shoots rainbow lasers. Your goal is to destroy all enemies on screen and collect coins to upgrade your ship. In the end, it’s about having the best score in the leaderboards.

The player loops through different stages that consist of substages. After five substages the player gets into a higher stage. With each phase, the game becomes more intense. The substages are chosen from a pool of substages, so every time you start over the game is a little different. Between every stage, the player can spend coins in the upgrade menu. Expect upgrades like missiles, lightning bolts, companionships and more.

  • Weapon upgrades
  • Different enemies
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Gamepad supported
  • Easy to play

Mouse + Keyboard:
Use the arrows or
WASD to move the ship and the mouse to shoot.
Use the left thumbstick to move the ship and the right thumbstick to shoot. Use A button to select in the game menu.