Forsaken Prison

In a forgotten prison, unravel cryptic clues, aid a desperate fellow prisoner, and unlock doors to reveal a dark corridor with chilling secrets, all while questioning the enigmatic nature of the forsaken facility.

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monster rampage

Monster Rampage City

Enter a world of epic destruction and become the unstoppable force of chaos in ‘Monster Rampage,’ where you control colossal monsters and unleash mayhem on a massive scale!

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Cannon Block Ball

Explore challenging levels with explosive, growing, rotating, and breakable blocks. Test your aim and strategic prowess to become the ultimate master blaster!

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capsule main

LawnMower City

You control a lawnmower and need to cut all the grass and plants in the city. You have to be beware not to crash into traffic or get shot.

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block collide

Block Collide

Block collide is a relaxing puzzle game with a minimalistic art style. Move the blocks in the right order so they won’t collide with each other.

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