Guide a young boy through various themed levels, master different weapons and take on bosses.


Shaoye is a platformer where the player moves through various themed levels. He will find himself in a forest, caves, ice glaciers and even up in the clouds. Every chapter ends with a hectic boss battle. If the battle is won he will receive a new weapon afterward. New weapons open new gameplay possibilities like the bow needed to trigger platforms from a distance to progress further. While playing dialogues and cutscenes will tell an exciting story about a young boy unfolding a mystery.

  • Gamepad supported and recommended
  • 10 Different enemies
  • 5 Level Bosses
  • 4 Different weapons
  • Picking up and throwing bombs


This game is programmed by me and the art and music are done by other partners of Cosmic Sky games. At the time of developing this game, Unity did not have tilemap editor support. Because of this, I used Tiled to layout all the levels and tiled2unity to import the map files over to Unity. All the dialogue in the game can be loaded in by JSON, XML or scriptable objects so if needed the game can be translated in multiple languages. There are 5 bosses in the game with different behaviors during the fight. To switch between the attacks I used a code pattern called State Machines.