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Stop and Move

Pay attention and stop at the right time when rolling through the levels!


This is a fast-paced reacting game. The game starts slow to familiarize you with the mechanics of the game and after the tutorial, it will get gradually faster and hectic.

The levels contain different enemies and objects like a boost cube that boosts the player in the direction it points to. Winning the game is about timing when and when not to stop the movement. Stop in time before crashing into a moving enemy, laser, or falling spikes.

In this game, the player moves automatically and the only thing you can do is stop the movement by holding down a button. If you approach an obstacle that is moving in front of you then you can stop the movement and wait until the obstacle is moved out of the way.

The game records your finishing time and your best time will be added to the online leaderboard and also contains medals for each completed level. Are you ready to test your reaction!