Super Orb Collector 4

Super Orb Collector

Super Orb Collector is fun 2D agility game that lets you test your hand-eye coordination.


In this maze game, you need to collect all the orbs to make the portal appear, that brings you to the next level. It’s a simple game but challenging at times. You only have to use the mouse to move around the stage. Different obstacles are there to avoid and orbs to collect. It has 24 levels for you to explore.


The game is playable for free on the following websites:


Tools used: Unity, C#, Photoshop, FL Studio, and Microsoft Visual Studio. Used the sprite mask component to make the explosions look great. This game was made at first with only mouse controls but for the Steam version, you are able to use the gamepad too. I also made a custom version of this game for where the orbs don’t get respawned if you haven’t touched a checkpoint.