Super Space Jump Man

Super Space Jump Man

Jump from planet to planet, gravity-based one-button runner


Super Space Jump Man is a gravity-based 2D game. Find yourself across space and jump from planet to planet and reach the portal. Avoid spikes and lasers. Collect enough oxygen before the oxygen meter runs out. The game only needs one button to control but is still challenging.

Use space or z or A button or click the jump button to jump from planet to planet.

• Simple one-button physics-based gameplay
• Beautiful graphics bring the galaxy, stars, and planets to life
• Defy gravity by leaping from planet to planet
• 24 stages with steam achievements


The art style differentiates from my usual colorful creations. The simple black and white cartoony graphics give a clear picture of what needs to happen when the player traverse. The only color is red and is only used for obstacles that need to be avoided. The electronic music that has a lot of ambient strings adds to the spacey feeling I tried to capture. In the end, I also added a bit of post-processing, a CRT shader and a chromatic aberration shader that gives the retro grainy look.

The logic behind the gravity attraction planets has on the player movement was kind of new for me. Some of the gravity code was already provided by the engine but I still needed to add additional code to get it all working smoothly. Levels are part hand and partly generated by a simple generator I wrote. Sometimes the output of the level generator needed some human touch to make it more interesting for the player.