tricky cat capsule main 1

Tricky Cat

Help this cute cat jumping on tiles but don’t fall down!


Help this crazy cat to the next level by jumping on all the tiles but beware you can’t jump on them again when stepping off. If all the tiles are gone the portal that brings you to the next level appear. If you fall off the screen you will get respawned and you get a second chance. The game is set in a colorful world while advancing the game will get more complicated level layouts. Later levels have more additional mechanics like a rotating spike tile and a teleport tile too.


The vector graphics are done in Adobe Animate with a drawing tablet. I used the new Unity 2D animation package to rig the cat. Attaching the bones on different parts of the sprite. This is a very fast way of doing the walking and jump poses instead of frame by frame based animations. The same technique to make animations I’ve done in my other game Super Space Jump Man. I composed the music in FL Studio.

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The game is playable for free on the following websites: